About Us

Well, hello there! I'm so glad you dropped by. This is a little bit about the artists behind Whimsy Kisses. Each of our pieces is either individually artisan handcrafted or lovingly hand picked out. The things I have included on my little corner of the web are lovelies that I adore. I have only included fun little goodies that help to brighten up a day or bring a touch of whimsy into life.

~ Our Artists ~

Julie Miller & Family

Hi! I'm the owner and mastermind behind Whimsy Kisses. I strived to include little goodies, doodads, funky stuff and sparklies that will help bring a smile to your face. I am the artist behind the felt flowers, with help from my little guys who just adores helping sort and work on the felt. I also create the handcrafted artisan jewelry. Here at Whimsy Kisses you will find my favorite pieces. I have only included my fun, funky and interesting pieces here. Most of the jewelry here is one-of-a-kind and is inspired by something from my life. The stories behind each piece will be included with the jewelry description. I am also the one who frequents estate sales, antique stores and thrifty shops to find hidden vintage treasures! heee hee...that is one of my favorite things to do...find beautiful vintage goodies hiding out in unexpected places. Then I try to find unique and whimsical uses for them.

Here you will find creations by my funky and crafty family. My kiddos and hubby help and support me in all that I do.  Caleb, our 8 year old, has the magnet biz.  You will find his funky magnets to be crazy strong as well as beautifully whimsical!  Gerry and Sharon are my wonderful parents.  My super crafty little sister with mad skills in sewing and drawing/painting joins us here at Whimsy Kisses. My big and talented sister, Katie, is the sea glass bauble goddess and super amazingly fabulous chocolatier.

Sharon Davis

Sharon has an amazing eye for color and design with a bit of spunk thrown in. She has been involved in beautiful craft projects for as long as I can remember. From wreaths to Christmas ornaments, from sewn projects to catering, creativity and craftiness flow in her veins! She is the lovely woman behind the beautiful felted purses that we offer here at Whimsy Kisses. Each of her purses is lovingly made by hand. Many of Sharon's amazing recipes are included in our fun recipes section.

Gerry Davis

I have worked with wood for as long as I can remember. The first thing I turned on a lathe was a walnut ring for my wife. My wife was expecting our first child and her fingers swelled too much for her to wear her wedding rings. I was hooked on wood turning from then on. I could not do too much turning until I retired a few years ago. I am finding that there are so many things that can be done on a lathe that a lifetime isnít long enough to do it all, let alone master it all.

Working with the different woods is the most exciting part. Mother Nature has created wood with great beauty and it is simply waiting for someone to uncover it for all to admire. Most of the wood I use I find in firewood piles, freshly cut trees or are discards from cabinet makers. When I do purchase wood from the lumberyard I look for the wood no one else seems to want, the more knots, curl, and character in the grain the better.

I hope you enjoy your unique wooden piece as much as I have enjoyed creating it. 

Katie Carrin

Katie is an amazing jewelry artist with a focus on beautiful natural and rare sea glass.  She lives in Berkeley, California in a beautiful home on a hill.  Her pieces reflect the simplicity, beauty and natural luminescence of nature.  She is also an amazing chocolatier creating the BEST chocolates on the planet!  We have some of her pieces here at Whimsy Kisses, but please to check out her website to view her entire collection of pretties.

Angie Kolbet

Angie is my sister with the mad sewing skills I was telling you about!  She simply amazes me.  Her creations are always soft, fluffy, and fabulous.  Her reversible silk play capes and her uber softy minky blankies are definitely my favorites.  She is also the beautiful artist behind our collection of cards, gift tags and Valentine tags.  She lives in the great Pacific Northwest just below Portland, Oregon.  She, like me, was a teacher, but is now sewing so she can stay home with her two newly adopted little kiddos.